Thursday, August 5, 2010

everything takes a long time

it's the loss of function in my right hand that's been giving me trouble today. somehow or other, connected with the fall on tuesday night and the dislocated shoulder i stopped being able to grasp anything with my right hand -- i can't push buttons, then ewspaper slides through my hands, and we won't even talk about how long it takes to go to the bathroom. thank heavens for pull-up pants.

i'm typing this left-handed, thus no caps. because of my english-teaching background, skipping caps and parens makes me feel somewhat wicked.

how else do i feel question mark. everything not only takes longer but is very tiring. i don't feel.... right.

i cling to my family and friends, even those of you i don't know.


Unknown said...

Lucie, I've been lurking in the background for a long time now, but I want you to know that I'm here, reading, and with you. The caps and parens don't matter.

Jo said...

I just want to say that I'm thinking about you very often, Lucie. I'm glad you continue to blog (punctuation be damned, you wicked woman!) -- I know perhaps it's silly on my part, but I worry about not wanting to intrude during a difficult/personal time, yet I very much want to know how you're doing, and your blog lets me do that. So, thank you. We'll keep reading as long as you feel like sharing! Sending virtual love and hugs your way...

Katie :o) said...

love ya lucie ill skip punctuation too period smiley face love ya bunches exclamation point always period

Maggie :) said...

hi lucie, it's maggie. just thinking of you!

Lin said...

Dear Lucie, You are in my thoughts every day and thanks for continuing with your blog. I know you love reading, and words, and remembered that you liked this poem when I gave a copy to Jerry.

"In My Next Life"

I will own a sailboat sleek
as fingers of wind
and ply the green islands
of the gulf of Maine.
In my next life I will pilot a plane,
and enjoy the light artillery
of the air as I fly to our island
and set down with aplomb
on its grass runway.
I'll be a whiz at math, master five or six
of the world's languages, write poems
strong as Frost and Milosz.
In my next life I won't wonder why
I lie awake from four till daybreak.
I'll be amiable, mostly, but large
and formidable.

I'll insist YOU be present
in my next life — and the one after that.

- Mark Perlberg

Love and hugs and healing energy to you and your family xo

Anonymous said...

Dear Lucie,
I am with you, too. I think of you all day and most of the night.....

Cybèle said...

I don't think anybody minds about the caps or the punctuation or whatever. It's just nice to see you posting. Thinking of you Lucie. Lots of hugs.

Anonymous said...

My formidable English teacher grandmother is probably spinning in her grave...but Jo's "punctuation be damned" comment is right on the mark.

We're so glad you feel surrounded by love from family and friends. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you, too.

Jennifer & Aslam Mukhtiar

Mean Mama said...

Hugging you right back!!!!!

Unknown said...

Sending you smiles and strength from VA to NH.

winterpills said...

i haven't seen you in years, but i am close to Max, as you know, and i have such vivid memories of rehearsing in the basement of your lovely house, and admiring yours and Jerry's recipe card system, and always really knowing you are a great lady. it was a privilege to know you albeit briefly back then, and to know you through Max now and in the years since. The love you've given everyone in your family and beyond and its great effect is so obvious its blinding, in a bright light kind of way. I'm thinking of you now and I know you'll never be alone in any place you go. how strange is the internet yet how great that i can send you this tiny note. - love, philip. ps also know how much i love Max and that he can lean on me forever.

celebration 820 said...

Hi Lucie-think of it as e e cummings blogging if that helps! It's good to hear that you are doing fairly well and are able to update your blog--you continue to be an inspiration. Sending you good wishes from RI.

Nancy (ravelry)

Anonymous said...

There are so many of us out here, sending you positive thoughts and all the love your heart can hold. Yes, even those of us who don't know you personally. Always, I wish you happiness, comfort and peace.

Elizabeth in VA

jane said...

Lucie- Think of you often. My prayers are with you. Diana keeps me updated through Anya and Max. You are no another ee cummings with no caps and parens. Keep up the fight. Love, Jane from PA

Wessenden Woollies said...

hi lucie,

skipping punctuation to show solidarity.

thank you for continuing to blog. i'm thinking about you and hope your hand gets better soon. must be so frustrating to not be able to well as other things. thank you for sharing with us.

best of wishes and hopes,

womblingstar on ravelry

Brooke said...

Hi, Lucie - I've never posted before, but I know Anya (online, from an online community we both belong to) and I have read your blog for many months, and will continue to do so, and to think about you, and your family, and wish you all well.

Lisa Grashow said...

Love you Lucie, I've ben lurking for a time, but reading your blog faithfully. Keep up the fight, and know that there is mucho pixie dust coming your way (squint and see it). You are such a tough cookie; this is just another hurdle. Lisa

Margaret said...

Hope all is well Lucie

As for Punctuation think Mallarmé

In no punctuation solidarity

Margaret from Italy

Anonymous said...

WoW Margaret is giving you a big break there. I got told off for not using a comma, although in all fairness it did cause people to think I was talking to a neighbour topless! ;D