Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to Visit

There are a few rules.
1. Call ahead to set up a time.
2. Don't stay long.
3. Try not to bring up old business if it's something that only you remember. You may want to bring closure or solve an old problem, but this is not the time.
4.What should you bring? Find out if the person you're visiting likes flowers, or chocolates, or food. Maybe they don't want the casserole.
5. Decide who the visit is for. If it's for you, and this is fine, think about what you're going to say. If the visit is truly for the person you're visiting, maybe the simplest thing to say is just I love you, I'll miss you.
6. "What can I do" is the big question everyone wants to ask. And let's face it, in the modern world there isn't much. The important thing is not what you can do but that you can be there. This is harder than it seems.
Last, there is no last. Whatever you say, however long you stay, it's never enough, so keep it short.


Lin said...

Dear Lucie,

Thank you so much for your words and inspiration and being the wonderful person you are. Your blog allows us to share your thoughts of courage and humor and strength. I will miss you so much, but truly believe I will see you again - in a better place, or in my next life, or both.

Lin xo

celebration 820 said...

Thank you for continuing to let us know about this part of your life. May all your visits be enjoyable!

Nancy (ravelry)

Cybèle said...

I won't be able to follow your blog for a couple of weeks as I'll be without internet till the end of August. I've only known you a short time but you are one special lady and I feel privileged to have met you, even if it is only in a virtual sense.

Mean Mama said...

Lucie, it is easy to see why so many of your former students stay in touch and love you--you are still teaching us, guiding us all through this process. The most recent posts bring us incredible insight into your journey.
May today be one of the good ones . . . lv, r

Sue Larsen (ravelry moosewhoknits) said...

Lucie, I found you on ravelry when my brother-in-law was diagnosed last December. You were a steady and hopeful voice to me and I so appreciate that. Thank you. I am sorry you are so sick now. I will keep active with PanCan and will hope and work for a cure. You and your family are in my thoughts.

Margaret said...

Thinking of you...and keeping it short...


Margaret in Firenze, Italia