Sunday, August 8, 2010

hospice and the bed

the bed is the first thing that hospice brings you. it isn’t necessarily the most important thing, or even what you need first. I’ve decided it’s a symbol. you have crossed this dividing line, and now you need a bed in the dining room.

the man who brings it in and sets it up is efficient and cheerful. he keeps saying,”now this is a feature that every bed should have, not just hospice ones.”
what everyone who comes through the dining room points out, though, is that the bed's too small. "are you both sleeping in that?"

no,we're comfy and cozy, upstairs in our queen-sized bed where we belong, him on the left,me on the right, and we want to keep it that way as long as possible,even if it isn't perfect.

we may not have crossed that dividing line, but we are clearly there.


Unknown said...

So glad to hear you are together 24/7!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. A sad image indeed--the narrow bed and no room for Jerry. Well, I think he's better get started building a frame and getting a mattress to put next to it.
I bought some chardonnay for you today and will call in the morning to see if tomorrow is good for a visit. All Love and more, Ade

JackieShaughnessy said...

I have been following your blog for about a year now. And unknown until recently, I also read your posts on a Pancreatic Cancer newsgroup. My Dad had Pancreatic cancer. He too was young (64 at diagnosis). He fought and had a good quality of life for over 3 years.

He refused the Hospice bed and stayed in his bed with my Mother. She was beside him when he died. Him on the right her on the left.

We were comforted that he got to stay in his bed. A small thing, but an important thing.

Love and Prayers